For over 120 years the Gibson family has made these fine quality
White Oak baskets in the Ozark Mountains around Fayetteville,
Arkansas. I am proud to make each basket with the same quality and
craftsmanship handed down from my great grand father Christopher
Columbus "Lum" Gibson, grandfather George Gibson, and father Don
I use only the finest Arkansas grown White Oak trees. I take great
pride and pain in every basket before presenting it for sale. Gibson
baskets are extremely durable and will maintain their shape, beauty,
and usefulness for many years.
                                                                                - Terry Gibson
 Christopher Columbus "Lum"
Gibson, the first of the Gibson
basket makers, was taught to
weave by a blind man in the early
1880's. He soon developed the
distinctive features that now
characterize each Gibson basket:
No nails are used to secure the
handle or bottom, the handle has
a thickened hand hold in the
center, and a twill pattern
rectangular base.
Lum soon began teaching the
skill to his children. My
grandfather, George Gibson,
began making baskets around
the turn of the 20th century. As
he grew older, his reputation as
a quality basket maker also
      In the early years, the Gibson
family sold baskets primarily to
farmers in the area who would use
them to carry feed, eggs, and
garden produce. Often the farmers
would come to the Gibson home in
Spring Valley, Arkansas to pick up
their baskets. Other times, George
and Lum would load a wagon full of
baskets and go from farm to farm
selling their baskets or they would
simply park their wagon in a town
square and wait for customers to
come to them.  
Like Lum, George taught his
children how to make baskets at
an early age. My father, Don
Gibson, began making baskets
in the late 1940's.
Over 120 years of experience goes into the
making of each Gibson basket and I am
proud to carry on this tradition using the
same tools and technique used by great
grandfather Lum Gibson.
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Christopher Columbus "Lum" Gibson
Christopher Columbus "Lum" Gibson
Christopher Columbus "Lum" Gibson
George Gibson
Denver and Lum Gibson
George Gibson selling baskets near
Mount Gaylor, Arkansas.
George Gibson
Don and George Gibson
Springdale, Arkansas
Terry Gibson
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Each log is split by hand until the
desired thickness is reached
A drawing knife is used to smooth
and shape the white oak slat
Basket splits are cut from a slat of
white oak using a split knife
Don Gibson
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Don and Ann Gibson
demonstrate how each
basket is started
Fayetteville Farmer's Market
Shiloh Museum of
Ozark History
Terry Gibson
4th generation basket maker